REJUVEDENT Patients' Preferred Alternative To Dentures

Conservative Non-Surgical 


For Damaged Dentitions

A Conservative Approach To Dental Rejuvenation


REJUVEDENT is the most conservative dental treatment available in Sydney to rejuvenate your dentition by utilising your remaining natural teeth, with and without implant supports, to recreate a strong, non-removable, cosmetically-pleasing results with porcelain crowns and bridges.  

Our patients have benefited from this proven method for over 35 years, whether it be for the replacement of a single missing tooth or rejuvenation of an entire dentition. 

This is in contrast to the recently publicised invasive technique known as the "All-On-4" which requires the extraction of all remaining teeth, removal of healthy bone structure and replacement with four titanium implants to carry a new set of teeth made of denture materials or porcelain. 

If the roots of your remaining teeth are strong enough to carry a set of porcelain teeth there is no need for this radical approach

We invite you to call us on (02) 9411 5116 Mondays - Fridays between 8am and 4pm to  speak with Shannon or Jenny and arrange an appointment to discover your conservative options.


REJUVEDENT: An Individualised Program

 With the passing of the years, our teeth lose their youthfulness, becoming discoloured, worn or weakened by previous fillings. Such changes often results in breakages and cosmetic concerns.  

Your personal situation requires an individualised program of dental rejuvenation to achieve the result that you desire. 

As already mentioned above, we do not promote one specific dental treatment such as the "All-On-Four" method that is heavily advertised on certain radio stations. 

Unlike such radical and invasive treatments which require the extraction of all of your remaining teeth, we focus on preserving your natural dentition and restoring it to achieve optimum strength and aesthetics. 

After discussing your concerns we shall examine your current situation and if possble, create three different  treatment options for you, explaining the various benefits and limitations of each. 

With your informed consent we shall carry out your treatment using proven methods to provide you with

a reliable solution,  keeping  your comfort in mind at all times. 



Treatments That Have Stood The Test Of Time  

We provide treatments using well-established methods that do not require the "latest technologies" as advertised by some practices. Such technologies can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, unnecessarily increasing the cost of providing services to patients. Using our conservative proven methods, we create wonderful results for our patients without unnecessary complexity and increased costs.  

At times, we work in conjunction with local specialists who consistently provide excellent services for our patients. 



Experience Counts 

 With over 35 years of clinical experience in rejuvenating damaged dentitions for adult patients and transforming smiles with a range of simple and complex solutions, Dr. Joseph Shohmelian  will guide you through the options to resolve whatever current dental issues you may have. Whether you have back teeth that just keep breaking, or a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or an issue that may be affecting your smile, he will inform you of your options and perform your treatments with tried and tested methods that are as conservative and minimally invasive as possible.


Dr. Joseph Shohmelian is the Founder of 

The Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry and has conducted countless seminars for dentists in Australia and New Zealand since 2011 in the field of  conservative dental rejuvenation.

For more information about the types of damaged dentitions that can be successfully treated with the  REJUVEDENT program please CLICK HERE.