Unlike other practices which offer FREE consultations and X-rays (when we all know that those costs will be included in the treatment presented to you), we will charge our usual fees for these services and may  decide to deduct them from the total cost of the treatment, depending on how smoothly we progress through to completion. There are many variables that can affect the time and effort required to carry out dental rejuvenation and for that reason we do  not promise deductions or discounts but may apply them at the end of treatment.

As a guide, we usually allocate 1 hour for your initial consultation during which time we shall also carry out the necessary radiographic analysis. Photographic records may be necessary as well as plaster casts of your jaws to assist with formulating your ideal treatment plan. 

  Every patient's situation is different requiring varying levels of diagnostics. 

Accordingly, the fee for your initial visit will range between $480 - $780. 

Sometimes we will need additional imaging by a radiologist. In such cases, we will need your medical practitioner to provide the referral for the CT scans we require. 

Such imaging attracts a Medicare rebate over which we have no control but please be aware that usually a substantial gap will be payable for these specialist radiology services. 


As you can appreciate, each patient's situation is different and for that reason an actual fee for treatments cannot be determined until  we see you to assess your current condition and discuss your expectations.

As a guide however, each porcleain tooth will cost around $2500 - $3500 depending on whether keyhole mini implants  are required. 

Furthermore, if your natural teeth require root canal therapy first to avoid the potential of infections later on, this will add a further $1500 - $2500 per affected tooth. 

While we perform the majority of root canal treatments, we refer the treatment of some premolars and molars to nearby specialist endodontists. Their fees range from $2,500 - $3,000 per tooth.

Accordingly, as a guide, full arch porcelain bridges with and without implants will range from $35,000 - $50,000 per jaw.