What Kind Of Dental Problems Can We Treat?


Over the years we have helped many hundreds of patients whose dentitions have suffered damage throughout their lifetime .... damage such as the loss of single or multiple teeth resulting in a reluctance to smile or chew confidently.   

A common request from patients is to replace their undesirable removable partial dentures with non-removable alternatives in the form of porcelain crowns and bridges that can create a beautiful transformation. Such  treatments can also produce fabulous results for patients whose teeth have worn down excessively or suffer with constant breakages, especially of the molars and premolars. 

Scroll down this page to view a photo gallery which shows some examples of the conditions we treat regularly to rejuvenate our patients' smiles and restore their ability to chew properly.  

Please use the arrows on either side of the images to view each individual patient's before and after images. All of these patients have enjoyed the benefits of their treatments for more than 20 years!  

There is no doubt that our proper conservative treatment planning and the clinical skills we offer our patients play a major part in these successful outcomes, but the everyday maintenance carried out by each one of them is the main reason for the lifetime of enjoyment that these treatments have provided.   

Rest assured that you too can expect a successful outcome that can serve you for decades with the treatments we perform for you and the guidance we will give you! 





At your initial visit we will chat at length about your current concerns and expectations from treatment. 

Upon examining your situation an individual treatment plan will be created for you to consider before we meet again, whether it be to start treatment or a further consultation.    

Understandably, the more complex the situation the greater the amount of time required to plan it together. Often a second or even a third consultation is necessary to answer all of your questions before embarking on treatment.  During this process we will always be mindful of your physical, mental and financial limitations. Accordingly, if possible, we will create three different options from which you can choose. 

Your situation may be nowhere near as demanding as the images above!  But even if it is, we have the experience to create a new dentition for you in a comfortable and timely manner that will serve you for a lifetime.





We are all individuals with our own personal experiences at the hands of previous dentists. For some, a visit to the dentist is a non-event while for others, it generates deep emotions of anxiety and fear..... often resulting in many years of neglect.  

Hopefully, you are not in this category. 

Rest assured however, that if you have been fearful of dental treatment in the past, we have the ideal methods to help you, including intravenous sedation so that your treatments can be carried out while you are asleep!

For major treatments, we may need two such sleep sessions, usually a number of weeks apart. 

In general however, a single session is all that is required to carry out the foundational treatment to create your new porcelain teeth.  Subsequent visits can all be carried out in a relaxed, comfortable setting with plenty of time allocated to take care of you.

 Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. 

Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.